Have you ever thought about how barbed wire relates to life? 

Sean shares the message behind his art in a way that makes sense to young and old. 

He customizes his talk to fit the needs of the audience. 

From civic organizations to businesses, churches, schools, and correctional facilities, Sean's story inspires and helps everyone realize that our best life, no matter how rough the situation, is still waiting to be turned into a masterpiece.

 As Sean reminds us, if he can turn old rusty barbed wire into art, what can we do with our lives?

Motivation! Inspiration! Encouragement! Upliftment! We all need it!

Do you need a great Keynote Speaker for your next Business Event, Convention, or Conference? Book Sean today to bring a powerful message to your next gathering.


to view  Barbed Wire Man WTTL Radio Interview 1. 


Keynote Speaker - Nov 5 2019

Beyond Uganda

 A HUUUGE BIG and HUUUGE again thank you to Capulan Gurrola and her board of directors for the great opportunity to be their keynote speaker. This organization, Beyond Uganda, is rewriting the lives of children and families in Uganda and around the world. If you would like to know more about this amazing program and ways you can help, please contact  for more information.
“Transforming lives one barb at a time” (SW) 

TEDx Talk

Sean shares the message behind his Barbed Wire Art and how it relates to Life.

Sean sharing some insight into building your business strong

"The Art of Building your Business"

Sean talking about the Upcoming 2019 Encouraging Art Award

Sean - WEHT - Lifestyles with Ange

WBKO Interviews Barbed Wire Man about his Art

Sean - WBKO - Bowling Green KY

Barbed Wire Man WTTL Radio Interview 1

Sean -  WTTL - Madisonville KY