3 dimensional art is spectacular in barbed wire!  

One of a kind and unique, this art form is only available by the artist.

Custom designs are also available - if you can imagine it, Sean can wire it! 

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Unique Cattail Centerpiece

Perfect for Any Home or Office





Roses are beautiful in any form, and what more fitting than a rose that never withers and shows its beauty and love forever.  Available in smooth or barbed wire and in your choice of color .  Rose approx. 3.5" x 6"     Stem approx. 15". 

Custom sizes also available. 


Sean's 3 Dimensional Art - Motorcycle

Check out this great video of Sean's 3D Barbed Wire Motorcycle! 

This Great Masterpiece will make a statement in your home or office!


3-D Biker

Barbed Wire Motorcycle & Rider

Truly a masterpiece! 

This motorcycle rider is busting through  glass...

Sending pieces of glass flying everywhere! 

3-D Style! 

I can't even get him to slow down,  much less to see his license! 



​Custom Designs/Ideas 

are Available!  

Your favorite color neon lights can also be added.





A phenomenal sculpture in barbed wire art that is truly one of a kind.  

Artist Sean Wallace has a fantastic eye for detail as evidenced by the intricate way he brings this buck to life.  A great gift for yourself or a very special hunter. Give your Man Cave a unique statement piece of art that will be a conversation piece for years to come.

Custom 3-D barbed wire art and sculptures are also available.  

Life size animals, too.  You can have your own design or have Sean design something especially for you.

Call for a price quote and to discuss your ideas.  

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