Sean Wallace's Bio

A young Jamaican boy knows that there's more to life than what he's living...

Sean Wallace grew up in Moravia, Jamaica.  The youngest of 13 children, he was raised in a loving family where God came first.  Despite poverty and lack of opportunity, he was blessed with God given talents.  A gifted musician and artist, he has put those talents to good use. 

Sean began drawing and painting as a young man in Jamaica.  He drew, sketched and painted in pencil, pen, markers, pastels and watercolors on any materials he could find.   After arriving in the States, he honed his originality and in 2013 created a unique artistry using old barbed wire.   Despite no formal art training, he has used this medium to convey artistic beauty in works that are original, unique, thought provoking and inspirational. 

“I want my art to be created through the eyes of God. It’s been through His wisdom and guidance that my talents are being developed.  The use of barbed wire is a fitting reflection of His soft strength.”

Sean continues to develop his barbed wire art technique incorporating different types of wire, dimension, antique windows, and a myriad of ideas.
He now sculpts in barbed wire and is now offering 3-D and life-size pieces. Sean's experiences and passion for life make him an accomplished and highly requested motivational and keynote speaker. Not only is he traveling the country with his talks to businesses, schools, jails, churches, etc., but with his acting career now also taking off, Sean finds himself on a brand-new journey.

Sean is also an active musician. In his downtime, you will find him playing a variety of instruments, singing and performing with other local or international artists.

Sean offers his work, both featured and commissioned, through his business, Windows of Opportunity. Much of Sean's art is on display at the Fox’s Den Gallery, located at his business in Cadiz, Kentucky. His art has been purchased and shipped all over the world. 

Follow Sean on this amazing Barbed Wire Journey as he travels the world....... “Transforming Lives One Barb at a Time!"